Did You Know?
By: Sarah

Did you know?
That we live in a world
Where everything's the same
The people are the same
The places are the same
The romances, the tragedies, the lives
Everyone's the same.

Did you wonder?
What happens to those rare dissidents?
To that one thistle in a garden of daisies
The one black cat in a swarm of white
The one terrible frown in a mass of so called smiles
Their difference is changed. Or turned. Whichever comes first.
Because thistles aren't as pretty as daisies
Black cats aren't as pure as white
And a frown isn't nearly as approachable as a smile
But did you realize?
That thistles are beautiful
Black cats crave the same love as white
And sometimes, the one wearing a frown
Has a brighter smile than you'll ever know.
Or ever care to know.
Did you think it would be easier?
Of course you did.
Because it is easier, right?
Easier to hide, to pretend, to ignore
Than to feel
No one said it would be easy.
But someone needs to say it is necessary.
Necessary to feel, to love, to travel
Wherever you want, however you want.
The stares of the masses are nothing
In comparison to the true drive of the heart.