Early Riser
By: Sarah
For most people, life is like the sunset
Everyone’s around for them sun to set
They take pictures, and smile, and wait for their night to begin
But do you know what people rarely see?
The sunrise
Because it rises too early, and no one feels like waking up.
But there’s got to be someone who does.
Someone who wakes up, tired or not
Who walks outside, smelling the fresh dew, their tired eyes squinting, seeing.
Someone who runs toward that sunrise
Who basks in the feeling of the unknown, of being the only one to see that sunrise.
Who stretches their arms out wide, and pretends, just in that moment
That they are infinite
Far away from the same crowds they have to see later that day
Far away from the same taunts, the same stares, the same loneliness
Maybe that person dreams of just living in that moment
Of spinning endlessly as their face is warmed
By the slowly rising sun.