Falling Leaves
By: Sarah
When I was young
In the fall
My dad and I would jog in the forest
And try to catch leaves
They would surround us
Like a storm of red and gold
And I knew my dad was slowing down for me
But it was okay
Because we were together
And my grasping hands
Could catch leaves
And then I got a little older
And in the fall
My dad and I would still catch leaves
But it was less about the leaves
And more about the speed
And it hurt me
Because the colors were no longer so vibrant
And the leaves were no longer in my hand
And then even more time passed
And fall came around again
But we rarely ran in the forest
And when we did
The colors were a blur
I reached out
But the hues were slipping
Because we went too fast
And the leaves
Fell to slow
And then the years increased even more
And I watched the falling leaves
From my window
And the colors were dulled
Against the streaked panes
But my dad and I coudnt catch them
Because I had work
And he was busy.
But life went on
And we knew that one day
We would meet in those woods again
And this time
I might be too fast
And he might be too slow
But that was okay
Because it was just right for the leaves
And we would catch them