Our Struggle
By: Sarah
I am Walking
At least I think I am
Or maybe I am swimming
Swimming in an inky black pool of suffocating black
With shrinking dashes of light.
I am not swimming, I am sinking.
Twig arms that could be mine
Reach out to grasp a surface, a solution
They feel nothing
I feel nothing
I am suffocating
In a never-ending ocean of violent
These twinkling lights
And ominous reminder
Of what might have been.
There are voices above
The melodic tunes of angels
Rising towards nothing
I am not rising
I am sinking
The limbs of someone I once was
Kick hard
They want to swim
But darkness holds them tight
It holds me tight.
I’m sinking faster now.
Those tiny lights are farther above
As this solemn dark pulls
Pulls in every direction but up
I want to go up
Or do I?
I was up once before
The disembodied lids
Of the long lashes that once belonged to me
Start to close
A movie-like imagination reflects a scene
A soaking eye spots a world of red
A tiny ear can hear words as knives
A trembling finger reaches out
Controlled by that demon, Hope
A dry tongue can taste the bitterness
Of sour slurs
A twitching nose can smell the burning
Of the images this mind once held
But no more
At least down here
There’s nothing.