By: Sarah
If you step into the crisp white snow
The movement snowfall ends
The Print will be seen for a little while
The rugged mark of leather boots can last a day, maybe two
Before being swept away
By Fiery Beams above
Or else the fierce Rain, seeking only to weaken
Or, worst of all, another Snowfall
Leaving you tempted to try again.
If you dare to seek another
An equal partner to notice you
A love can bloom, a Flower
You’ll think Springtime never ends
And maybe that Flower can last
Survive Apollo’s brilliant glare
Perhaps even through the Changing Colors and Winds
The Flower created may last longer
Than that Footprint ever could
But sooner or later the Cold will come
The Flower will die
Will you be tempted to try again?
I know a way to last, to survive the soaring seasons
To whether past the turbulent rain
The Rays, the numbing White
A simple piece of Wood in hand
Can be the mouth of those who see
And painted stories could never be lost
Quite so easily
A Footprint for a day, a Flower for a year
But the tales floating in your mind
May even outlast you.