The Demon
By: Sarah

I’m not sure when it happened
When the world became a storm
Strong winds rebuffing every move
Like nothing can keep us warm

I think about this frequently
I ponder day and night
To see the world through different eyes
A beauty in the night
There is a way for everyone
To see the light they hide
To rummage through this cluttered closet
And find a heart inside.
That’s not the question is it
If they can handle tempest-tossing
The question lies in their desires
The answer can be daunting.
I’d like to think that everyone
Can make it out alive
But who wants to be the only one
That kid that didn’t hide
A fiery demon in a mind
Most serve it through and through
Everyone knows the things it does
The things we truly do
If everyone does something wrong
It seems that makes it right
This fiery fiend swings ‘bove us all
Most grab and hold on tight
This desire to never digress
Stems from that demon of lead
I guess to never quite shine
Beats that sword hanging ‘bove your head.