To Fly
By: Sarah

The feeling
Blood pumping, hands shaking, muscles tensing
A sea of colors on the line, waiting for the tell- tale bang
That will signal the start
It comes, a blast, piercing the ear-splitting silence
It’s not the eyes on you
Or the people surrounding you
But the power, the rush
Flying past trees, feet just barely gracing
The bright vermillion carpet below.
Heavy foot falls behind you
But that’s not what matters.
To burst, to soar, to fly
One drops behind, another, but not you
The roaring crowd echoes
But all you see is the line
Your legs are burning, breath hitching
But you keep going
Drawing closer and closer
Till it’s broken
Gravel beneath the knees
Breathe in, breathe out
But it’s over, and you can’t wait
To fly again.