By: Joe Romano
I feel broken
In my heart
There is an
I feel heavy
My chest feels empty and whole
At the same time
How can this be?
I feel broken
My breath is
And ragged
I remember her
The slow beeping on the monitor
The strength of her grip
Both fading as
The night crept into the light
I remember
Not letting go
Long after the silence filled
The once lively room
There is a wetness
On my cheek
I do not sob
I do not make a noise
I should be crying out
To the beyond
Demanding for her back
But I do nothing
I sit
And hold tight
To my memories
As too small tears drip down
My too hollow cheeks
When I asked to let go
I do not speak
I simply move
I need to revolt
Demand for her back
But I know
She is gone forever
And nothing will bring her back
I feel broken
In my heart
There is an
I am broken