By: Marissa Barba
All I want to do is run in the rain
With the water running down my back
The air freeing my mane
I want to run through the woods
And the fresh autumn meadows
I want to run past the barn
The wind sharp as it bellows
Passing the farms and low streams
With a muddy clap of my hooves
Running away from the containment
Of village houses with copper roofs
The sun would shine through the rain clouds
Beckoning me with a grin
The feel of freedom
Leading me further
Where the shrubbery and trees begin
But the sky turns dark again
As my dreams fade to grey
I’m still stuck in the musty barn
On this foggy, glum day
The wind starts blowing
As if the windows should shatter
I’m still stuck in the barn
With the rain going pitter patter